You may be eligible to apply for exemptions from some of the CTA examinations if you hold certain professional qualifications. You can only apply for exemptions using qualifications where you have become fully exam qualified, meaning you have completed all of the necessary examinations for the relevant qualification. Online Portal. When applying for an exemption syou will be asked to supply evidence to support your application. Examination transcripts and membership certificates can be used as evidence.

The CIOT does not accept invoices, bank transfers, webpage screenshots or email correspodence for the purposes of exemptions. The exemptions available to you are dependent on the qualfications that you hold.

The full list of accepted qualifications is below. Whilst an exemption is valid indefinitely, a credit will lapse after a certain period of time. If your pass was due to lapse in Novemberso would your credit. Each pass will be valid for nine sessions from when they were passed at the ATT level. If the passes lapse, you would be required to re-sit the CBEs.

Based on HMRC's training programmes, you might be eligible to apply for the following exemption s :. If you hold the ITP qualification, more information is available here. Required evidence would include an up to date CV and the relevant qualification transcript copies.

If your qualification is not listed on this page, it does not entitle you to any exemptions from any CTA papers.

acca exemptions expire

Skip to main content. Log into your account through the online portal and click on Apply for an Exemption. Online Portal When applying for an exemption syou will be asked to supply evidence to support your application. How long do exemptions last? Once awarded, exemptions do not expire. How much do exemptions cost? The exemption fees for below. If applying for an Awareness exemption, this must be done before you can register for the Application and Professional Skills paper.

If you have a current exemption for Application and Interaction, you would not be eligible to apply for an exemption from the Awareness paper. Available Exemptions The exemptions available to you are dependent on the qualfications that you hold. You can apply through the button below. None of the above EU Qualifications. None of the above Non-EU Qualifications.

Applying for exemptions. Duration of exemptions. Exemption Prices. Available Exemptions.CIA candidates must meet the following eligibility requirements for education, character, work experience, and identification. These must indicate current status; expired documents will not be accepted. The supporting requirement exemptions were granted by the PCB because the experience and education requirements for ACCA members and education requirement for U.

By completing the appropriate fields indicated on the CIA application, candidates can be considered for these exemptions. CPA active license holders will be placed into a pending status while certification administrators verify memberships and licenses are active. ACCA members, please click here to view more information regarding the work experience and education exemptions for the CIA program. The CIA exam is a non-disclosed examination. Unauthorized disclosure of exam material will be considered a breach of the Code of Ethics and could result in disqualification of the candidate or other appropriate censure.

Upon certification, CIAs are required to maintain their knowledge and skills and stay abreast of improvements and current developments by satisfying CPE requirements. Candidates in any of the countries listed on the map located at the top right of this page should contact their local institute to verify this requirement. IIA members receive discounts on CIA review materials and courses and have access to the latest exam preparation resources, networking opportunities, and current CIA news and information.

Candidates from the following countries must refer to their local IIA Institute web-site or contact their local representative for more information about local certification processes:. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.

Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode. Skip Ribbon Commands. Skip to main content. Mission of Internal Audit. Mandatory Guidance. Core Principles. Code of Ethics. Definition of Internal Auditing. Implementation Guidance. Supplemental Guidance.

Time limits - important update

Responses and Positions. Global Public Sector Insights. Position Papers. Responses to Regulators. Global Perspectives and Insights. Global Knowledge Brief. Advocacy Efforts. Browse by Topic. Best Sellers. New Products. Certification Prep. Research Reports.If you already have some qualifications you may not have to take all of the exams in the ACCA Qualification or Foundations in Accountancy awards.

These are called exemptions and mean that you will start your studies at the right level for your knowledge and skill. Our process of awarding exemptions is very rigorous as we need to ensure we are confident that the prior learning matches the skills and knowledge needed for the ACCA Qualification.

You can also claim exemptions on the basis of practical experience if you wish to complete the Certified Accounting Technician CAT Qualification. You will need to pay an exemption fee for each exam awarded. These fees helps us with the continuous process of rigorously assessing and accrediting a global network of professional and academic bodies and their awards, so that employers know that ACCA members have the skills and knowledge needed to succeed, wherever they started on their learning journey.

Exemption fees are charged at the early exam entry fee. ACCA offers conditional exemptions to students who are studying an assessed course and will graduate at a date in the future.

Students can claim exemptions up to the Financial Management FM exam. Upon your graduation, you will be required to submit documentary evidence to ACCA to confirm that you have completed the course and passed all the required modules. The conditional exemptions would then be converted to actual exemptions. If your course offers conditional exemptions, our Exemptions calculator will display this at the top.

Where appropriate, ACCA wishes to ensure that students' entry points match the knowledge and skills they have acquired from their previous qualifications. In doing so, we aim to provide students with the quickest possible route to membership.

This is a continuous process as we make regular updates to our qualification, both in terms of annual syllabus updates and skills tested. We award exemption to qualifications offered by educational institutions worldwide.

Some examples are:. To preserve the integrity and rigour of the ACCA Qualification and to ensure that all students share a common experience, we do not award any exemptions for Strategic Professional exams. Exemption from all three levels of the Certified Accounting Technician CAT Qualification can be considered, depending on the standard and equivalence of the qualification held. Exemptions are also available for the Foundations in Accountancy suite of awards.

No exemptions are awarded from any of the exams of modules examined within ACCA's suite of post-professional qualifications. Please take a look at the Exemptions calculator to find out which exemptions you could claim.Use this tool to see if you may be eligible for any exemptions from our exams. To get started, search for your institution. Start again. For help you can email us at students accaglobal.

We'll need full copies of your educational certificates and transcripts in both their original language and a sworn English translation.

If your course isn't listed, for example if you part-completed your course, take a look at other qualification types. Back to courses. You can choose to start again, or you can tell us the type of qualification you studied. For further assistance you can contact us at our global customer service centre by emailing students accaglobal.

ACCA Exemptions

By filling in this form, I give my consent that ACCA may use my personal data to contact me about industry news, events, career tips and other information relevant to their qualifications or to me. ACCA may share information with suppliers and auditors. For more information on how your information and rights are respected, please see our privacy noticeor contact privacy accaglobal.

Thank you. We will be in touch. In the meantime you can find out more by following links below. Alternatively, carry out another search.

These exemptions are conditional. To find out more about conditional exemptions, please refer to our FAQs. You are entitled to the following ACCA qualification exemptions:. There are no course exemptions for this qualification. Your course does however allow you to register for the ACCA qualification and depending on your course content you may be eligible for exemptions if ACCA has assessed your course subjects. With completion of certain subjects you are entitled to the following ACCA qualification exemptions:.

There are no further exemptions available, as the modules you have completed haven't been assessed. With completion of certain subjects you are entitled to the following FIA qualification exemptions:. Exemptions calculator Use this tool to see if you may be eligible for any exemptions from our exams.

Institution name. Please select your institution from the list below:. Can't find what you're looking for? Try modifying your search terms, using fewer words and characters. Sorry we couldn't find any institutions that matched your search. To find your institution you can try searching: with fewer keywords and characters; or by country only, to get a list of institutions in your region. Unfortunately we are currently experiencing technical issues To find your exemptions you can: Contact us Try again later.

What exemptions are available? They help ensure you start with us at the level that's right for you. Getting an idea of what exemptions you might be eligible to claim is quick and easy. It takes less than five minutes. You can even get an email copy of your results. Your graduation year or last year of study Institution: Start again. Enter your graduation year or last year of study If you part-completed your course, enter the year of your last studies.

Your graduation year.Exemptions let you start your studies at a level that is consistent with the knowledge and skills gained from prior learning. They provide you with the quickest route to ACCA membership. Use our Exemptions calculator to find out if you can apply for any exemptions. Get exam exemptions guidance. If you've gained additional qualifications after registering as a student, you may be eligible to claim further exemptions.

You can apply for these at any time.

acca exemptions expire

Exemptions mean you don't have to study the same topics that you've already been taught. This is great if you've recently achieved a qualification, as it's still fresh in your mind. Our process of awarding exemptions is rigorous as we need to ensure we are confident that the prior learning matches the skills and knowledge needed for the ACCA Qualification.

However, if you're thinking of claiming an exemption based on qualifications you gained years ago, or you've been working in a field other than accountancy for some time, you may need to take the exam.

Studying for the exam will allow you to refresh your knowledge and ensure you're sufficiently prepared for the higher level exams, which go into topics in greater depth. If you're not confident you could pass the exam right now, you should study for and take that the exam.

However, a student must sit and pass the following Applied Skills exams to be eligible for the BSc degree:. Oxford Brookes is not able to give credit for exemptions based on qualifications gained more than 10 years ago. There is a fee payable for each exemption you claim. If you're claiming your exemption syou'll need to pay for each one within 30 days of notifying us. View our price list for details of current fees and charges.

Use our Exemptions calculator to find out what exemptions you can apply for. Exam exemptions. Section Menu Close. What exemptions are available? How to claim exemptions When can I claim exemptions? Should I claim my exemptions? Depending on any existing qualifications you may hold, exemptions can be awarded across: The Foundation level qualifications and the nine Applied Knowledge and Applied Skills exams of the ACCA Qualification.

No exemptions are awarded: for the Strategic Professional exams of the the ACCA Qualification or on the basis of work experience or for any of the exams or modules examined within our post-professional qualifications and Use our Exemptions calculator to find out if you can apply for any exemptions.

Back to top. How to claim exemptions What you need to do to claim exemptions depends on where you are on your ACCA student journey. You can use our tool to answer a few questions and get step-by-guidance on what you need to do. When can I claim exemptions? Our process of awarding exemptions is rigorous as we need to ensure we are confident that the prior learning matches the skills and knowledge needed for the ACCA Qualification However, if you're thinking of claiming an exemption based on qualifications you gained years ago, or you've been working in a field other than accountancy for some time, you may need to take the exam.

Paying for exemptions There is a fee payable for each exemption you claim. Can you apply for exemptions? Access the calculator.

Pay for exemptions via myACCA.ACCA allows exemptions to the students who have previously studied for relevant accountancy qualification. Exemption means that you will not have to study for and undertake exams of certain ACCA papers. Exemptions offer you the opportunity to start your ACCA qualification from the right level. Exemptions for Professional Level papers are not allowed. You must undertake exams for Professional Level papers. You can be allowed exemption depending on your previous accountancy qualification.

The number of exemptions will also depend on your previous qualifications. You can claim up to 9 exemptions. If you have a law degree, you will be allowed exemption from paper F4. The number of exemption will depend on the course content of your previous qualification. It is an important decision to make whether to claim ACCA exemptions or take the exams. You should take into consideration a couple of factors before deciding about this.

You should claim exemption, if you have recently achieved your qualification or if you have been working in the relevant field. If you have recently achieved you qualification or you are working in a relevant field, the topics and knowledge will be still be fresh in your mind. If you achieved your qualification many years ago or you have not been working in a relevant field, you should avoid claiming exemptions. Due to passage of time you would have forgotten many of the topics. This is an important factor because many ACCA papers are based on previous topics and knowledge.

These papers assume that you have already learned some topics and they test these topics on a more advanced level. Therefore you might have difficulty preparing for these advanced papers if you have claimed exemption.

Studying for the exam, instead of claiming exemption, will refresh your knowledge and make sure that you are adequately prepared for higher level exams. If you cannot decide whether to claim exemption, you should go through the past exam papers. Try to answer the questions and compare them with the model answers. If you feel that your answers are correct and you could pass the exam right now, you should claim the exemption.

If you are not confident, you study for that paper. Another factor to consider is cost. This factor can be significantly important if you are in financial difficulties.

acca exemptions expire

If you claim the exemption, you will save the cost of study material and any tuition or coaching fee. However you will still have to pay exemption fee to the ACCA. The exemption fee is equal to the exam fee of that paper. Time is another important factor to consider. By claiming exemption, you will obviously be saving time. If you want to complete your ACCA qualification quickly, you should claim the exemptions. For claiming exemptions, the first thing to do is to determine what exemptions you can claim.

Ones you have determined what exemptions you can claim, you can claim the exemptions by sending the official proof of your qualification along with the registration form. The ACCA will assess your qualification and allow exemption if you are eligible. As an official proof of your qualification, you can send award certificates or academic transcripts. The ACCA will not accept online print outs of academic transcripts.

You will have to provide official documentation that has been signed and stamped by the awarding institute or body. If your documents are not in English language, you must get them officially translated before sending them to ACCA.

Exemptions are awarded only for qualifications from recognized institutions.Changes are being introduced by ACCA to time limit the accounting body currently allows its students to complete the exams part of the qualification. Currently all the students are allowed to finish the exams within 10yrs period. This period does not take into account that students in ACCA can commence at different levels of exams depending on the exemptions granted and their previous qualifications.

acca exemptions expire

As per current rule some Students have to 5 exams within 10 years if they get exemption because of previous qualification and some students with no exemptions have to qualify all the 14 exams in the mentioned period. ACCA wants a fair policy for all its students. Furthermore employers often emphasize on time limits as they want assurances that the ACCA members and trainees have current, relevant and up-to-date workplace knowledge.

Students' FAQs on exemptions

Currently if the students do not complete the qualification within the due time of 10 years, their registration is cancelled. As per the changed rules, no limit will be imposed to pass Fundamental exams F1-F9 while the professional level exams will have to be completed within 7years period. If the students are not able to pass professional exams in the required period then they will have to retake the exams they passed 7 years ago. The limit of 7 years will start as and when the first professional exam is passed.

The modified rules will not deregister the students if they have not met the original 10 years requirement. However they will have to retake any professional exam passed 7 years ago. All of the professional level papers have to be passed within the period of 7 years.

The new rule will be applicable on he new students registering with the global body who are granted March as their first eligible exam date. No registration required! But if you signed up extra ReadyRatios features will be available. Have you forgotten your password? Are you a new user? ReadyRatios - financial reporting and statements analysis on-line IFRS financial reporting and analysis software. FAQ Manuals Contacts. Sign up or. Start free Ready Ratios financial analysis now! Login to Ready Ratios.

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