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The subjects of the world of Jinn, magic, and evil eye is vast, difficult to condense into a single article. When Allah would decree a matter and inform His angels, the jinn would listen and convey it to sorcerers. This is a misconception amongst many Muslims. In reality, not all jinn are evil as Allah says. There are some Jinn who are evil like Iblees but there are others who are righteous and worship Allah.

They even have scholars amongst them! Only Allah can allow their harm to be afflicted upon a person. Many sorcerers and magicians will communicate with the Jinn and tell them to possess an individual. Of course after doing this, the magician has become a disbeliever and only then will the Jinn assist that magician, sorcerer or palm reader.

The magician will then command the evil Jinn to enter the body of a person and the Jinn will do so except those whom Allah wishes to protect. And whoever has become Muslim — those have sought out the right course. For indeed it is provisions for your brothers among the Jinn. For that reason, the Jinn prefer to stay away from humans. The righteous Jinn prefer to live with righteous people. This is why, there are righteous and good Jinn living in Masjid Al-Haram. There is a long narration in the books of hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah which you can find here:.

A comer came and started taking handfuls of the foodstuff of the Sadaqa stealthily. The person complained of being needy and of having many dependents, so, I pitied him and let him go.

Read These Jinn Stories if You Wanna Get Properly Spooked this Halloween

So, I waited for him watchfully. I promise I will not come back again. He complained of his great need and of too many dependents, so I took pity on him and set him free. If you do soAllah will appoint a guard for you who will stay with you and no satan will come near you till morning. Do you know whom you were talking to, these three nights, O Abu Huraira? From them are:. The book of Allah is the greatest protection a Muslim has against devil possession and black magic.

Suwar Pl. One of them can be found in Surah Muminoon, verses 97 and Read them, learn them and implement them! On the day of Judgement, all the humans and Jinn will be questioned by Allah.Throughout history man has always had a deep attraction for the supernatural and the unseen. The existence of a world parallel to our own has always fascinated people.

Are the Jinn Real? How I Was Attacked by the Jinn.

This world is commonly referred to as the spirit world, and almost every set of people have some concept of one. With some people, these spirits are no more then the souls of dead people- or ghosts. With others, spirits are either the forces of good or the forces of evil - both battling against one another to gain influence over humanity.

However, both of these explanations are more in tune with folk tales and fantasy. The true explanation of such a world comes from Islam. Like every other way, Islam also claims to explain this realm of the unseen.

It is from this realm that Islam explains to us about the world of the Jinn. The Islamic explanation of the Jinn provides us with so many answers to modem day mysteries.

Without the knowledge of this world, the Muslims would become like the non-Muslims and be running around looking for any old answer to come their way. So, who or what are the Jinn? The Jinn are beings created with free will, living on earth in a world parallel to mankind.

Thus, they are physically invisible from man as their description suggests. This invisibility is one of the reasons why some people have denied their existence. The origins of the Jinn can be traced from the Quran and the Sunnah. God says:. Thus the Jinn were created before man.

Here Is Some Unknown Information About Jinns You Should Be Aware Of!

As for their physical origin, then the Prophet, may the mercy and blessings of God be upon him, has confirmed the above verse when he said:. It is this description of the Jinn which tells us so much about them.

Because they were created from fire, their nature has generally been fiery and thus their relationship with man has been built upon this. Like humans, they too are required to worship God and follow Islam. Their purpose in life is exactly the same as ours, as God says:. Jinns can thus be Muslims or non-Muslims. However, due to their fiery nature the majority of them are non-Muslims. All these non-Muslim Jinns form a part of the army of the most famous Jinn, Satan [1]. Consequently, these disbelieving Jinns are also called devils.

Jinns also become Muslims, as they did in the time of the Prophet when a group of them were amazed by the recitation of the Quran. God orders the Prophet to tell the people of this event:. In many aspects of their world, the Jinn are very similar to us.

They eat and drink, they marry, have children and they die. The life span however, is far greater then ours. They will be present with mankind on the Day of Judgment and will either go to Paradise or Hell.

That which clearly distinguishes the Jinn from mankind, are their powers and abilities. God has given them these powers as a test for them. If they oppress others with them, then they will be held accountable.Like any good scary movie with plot and intrigue, any creepy j inn story attracts the darker side of my attention. Maybe the jinn told them to say that to me?! I have no clue. I have never been known to write about any creepy crawly subjects, even though I think it would be tons of fun.

Some may be wondering WTH are you talking about, Corbin? If you are wondering this, then let me be the first to introduce you to a whole world of the unseen. The Islamic belief in the jinn is where the Western culture gets the idea of a genie in a bottle. But this is not at all the reality of the jinn, or unseen creatures that walk among us. And We did certainly create man out of clay from an altered black mud.

And the jinn, We created before from scorching fire. Quran And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me. Once upon a time, their was a jinni singular for jinn who was so good he was allowed to pray with the angels. Then Allah created man and told the angels, including the jinni who prayed with them, to bow down to man Adam. The jinni refused out of arrogance and pride and perhaps jealousy. He was cast out of the ranks of angels and allowed to roam the earth, swearing that he would try to mislead man until the end of time and so far he has made good on that promise.

He is Iblees, the Shaytanthe Devil. And some jinn choose to follow in his path. Allah has given us direction in the ways we can protect ourselves from the evil of the jinn.

When I first converted, I experienced something terrifying upon waking from sleep. Everything went pitch black. A horrible male voice said that I would give up my religion. I was terrified and then all of the sudden the vision, the voice, and the feeling went away. Allah knows best, but it seemed to me to be a jinni from among those that follow Iblees trying to scare me away from the true path of Islam.

Just a few days ago, my husband and I were lounging in the living room. I thought he was trying to tell me to move to the bed. I shot up and swore I saw his face, just his face no body.

Then a second later it was gone, and I could hear him snoring in the bed. Then I realized he would never risk yelling at me while I am sleeping, or any time for that matter, but especially while I am sleeping.

What Are Demons Afraid Of?

He would likely be harmed for the offense. I changed my sleeping position recited Ayat al-Kursi a verse in the Quran that is recited for protection and went back to sleep on the couch Not wanting to face the snoring very shaken. The next morning I awoke remembering the incident and thought maybe it was a jinn trying to make us move from the house.

May Allah protect us from the evil of mankind and jinn! Follow us upper right of the page. Email us islamwich yahoo.Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. April 10,PM. Home Help Search Login Register. Pages: [ 1 ] Hello People! I have read about different summoning procedures to encounter Jinns and I just want your opinions on this. The following is an extract from a website on a general description of summoning Jinn and if you don't believe Jinns are physical then why not try it for yourself.

The following passages are in brief but if you want specific instructions or methods of contacting Jinns then I can post that up too: Fasting One has to go through a period of fasting from sunrise to sunset for numerous days.

Upon breaking the fast, you are allowed only to eat vegetarian prepared meals that have been prepared by yourself. No food that had a soul may be eaten.

This rule needs to be followed for a successful evocation. The reason why a vegetarian diet is required is because the body needs to be de-toxified of any spiritual impurities. This also helps in meditation and the invocation of Angelic assistance. Without the invocation of Angelic assistance, the operator's life is exposed to great danger without question.

If you look at various medieval grimoires, you will see a similar fasting regime which attributes to the same principle. Retreat Chilla The operator has to retreat into isolation. This basically means you need to shut yourself into a room where no one is allowed.

This can range from a few days to a full 40 day retreat for complex Jinn evocations. The room is thoroughly cleaned with no furniture etc.

Constantly incense is burned and rose water is sprinkled in the four corners. Ultimately it is here in this room that the Jinn is called.

The operator can open a window for ventilation.

Never Be Scared Of Jinns

Once into the spiritual retreat there is minimul sleep. Around the clock various mantras are recited and constant forgiveness is asked from the Divine. If one has to sleep then this has to be done while in a sitting position. Clothing must be clean always while in retreat and Holy washes are performed numerous times during the day. Again various incense attributes to various types of evocation. To summon a normal Jinn you would use a particular type of incense but for a Jinn King it would be completely different.

Lunar Calender Jinn evocation is done on selected months of the Arabic lunar calender.

what are jinns scared of

Certain months are not suitable for evocation especially the month of Ramadan which is the Holy Month of Muslims. To try and summon a Jinn in the Holy Month of Ramadan is sucidal. Muslim Jinns like Muslim humans also fast and pray, and to be summoned at this time leads to grave danger with even the possibility of loss of life. Also, an evocation is prohibited on a Thursday night as again for Muslim Jinns and humans, Thursday night is a special night for prayers leading upto to the Friday Prayer.

I can speak from experience as I was present in a similar situation and I am just about here to tell my tale. Jinn as a rule do not like any light and thus the room needs to be in pitch black with curtains closed. No light should enter the room what so ever. The operator must erect a circle of protection.

The circle can be drawn with chalk on the ground but due to modern day carpeting the circle may also be sketched on canvas and then placed on the ground. Selected Koranic Verses are written around the circle perimiter.They are like cattle,- nay more misguided: for they are heedless of warning.

what are jinns scared of

As stated in the Quran, the Jinn were created with the free will and live in the earth, parallel to the mankind. This is why the humans are unable to see Jinns in general. Because of their invisibility, many have denied their existence and continue raising such concerns.

However, the effect of the Jinn is alone an experience which needs no justification. According to the Quran. Alkhabal: Jinns who scare people by using their things, removing their items from their places right in front of their eyes and can even cause seizures and epilepsy.

According to the Quran, upon reciting Surah Yassin, Surah Baqarah, and Muawadhatein, it causes the Jinn to flee or leave the place they are living in. When you sleep, sleep on your right side and read the Muawadhatein because the jin will sleep over you and suffocate you and also make you have nightmares just to bother you. Beware of planting pins or nails in the puppets or dolls for they live there.

If you disturb them, they will revenge on you. Do not speak loudly in the middle of the night because you can upset them and they deliberately hurt you in silence. Do not cry alone because your jin becomes sad on your sadness and they wait to hug you so your body temperature goes high.

You should Mention Allah when throwing something and jumping from a high place because there might be a jin sleeping and you disturb them and they revenge on you. If you feel your ears whistling without a cause or illness and you can smell fire, know that a jin is standing in front of you. Home Pink News Reels. Recent Posts. April 10, Trending Posts. Novel Coronavirus Awareness Message. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth and nose.

Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds. April 9, To Top.Log in or Sign up. TipuSultanJul 27, Assalaam walaikum, Could someone please explain to me why this site has been consumed with jinns. We have so many other issues to discuss and glean information about and we get stuck on jinns. The Chinese have different names for their years. AapaJul 27, Abdullah b. Mas'ud reported that Allah's Messenger may peace be upon him said: There is none amongst you with whom is not an attache from amongst the jinn devil.

They the Companions said: Allah's Messenger, with you too? Thereupon he said: Yes, but Allah helps me against him and so I am safe from his hand and he does not command me but for good. Sometimes they tell us of a thing which turns out to be true. KakorotJul 27, I remember when I was 7 years old I was going to the toilet;it was about 3 a. Now I'm adult,many bad things had an end,but I still can't look under my bed during the night.

I like this thread,it's a way not to be "frozen" in front of fearness. Abu TalibJul 28, Assalaam walaikum, I mean it. Can we spend a moment on something else. Like our selves and how to improve our behaviors. This is topic for young people. It must be.Now the creatures that are seen can be classified into two major groups, humans and others.

By others we mean animals, animate and inanimate objects. For the unseen creatures there are again two basic groups that the Quran mentions. One is the angels and the second is the Jinn. Some people may wonder what the word Jinn means and if it has an equivalent in English. To my understanding there is no single word in English that would give the proper and complete meaning of Jinn as understood by Muslims except to say that they are unseen creatures. However to understand it better in English we can subdivide Jinn into two main groups, believers and unbelievers.

Click here to read about angels. Believing Jinn would be just as good as angels or as good as human believers. When we use Satan or Iblis we are talking particularly about the first Satan, the one who tempted Adam and Eve in Paradise.

Now, the league of Satan, his descendants, and helpers until today are called Satans or devils. Is Satan real or simply a myth? Do Muslims fear him? How powerful is he? We will explore here the Islamic view of Satan, his approach, and how we are encouraged to protect themselves from his influence.

But of course it signifies the fact that they are non-material and that they have capacities and abilities which far exceed those given to humans in terms of the speed of their movements etc. In fact the Quran indicates that like human beings the Jinn, both believing and unbelieving, have free choice. They can choose to obey God or to rebel and in that sense they are similar to human beings except for the fact that they are non-material.

Because they have free will, some might turn out to be good and some might be evil. Jinn are not evil by definition. In fact, we find that in the Quran it talks about the Jinn receiving messengers coming to guide them just like human beings also received prophets We have heard a Book revealed after Moses, confirming what came before it: it guides men to the Truth and to a Straight Path.

what are jinns scared of

O our people, hearken to the one who invites you to Allah, and believe in him: He will forgive you your faults, and deliver you from a Penalty Grievous. So, in that sense, one can say they are just like humans in a sense of being warned and urged to use their free will in the right direction. While angels are the pure sinless spirits that are encouraging us to do what is good and to avoid what is evil, Satan relates to our life in a sense that he is doing the opposite job.

He is trying to destroy what the angels are urging us to do. He is constantly urging us to do commit evil and to sins to violate the teachings of God. And, we have to be aware of all the tricks played by Satan. Do it! In case we sin or disobey God, or follow the footsteps of Satan as the Quran puts it, we should not throw our hands up in the air and say there is no hope.

The Quran says that we should continue to remember God and try to correct ourselves. Even the first mistake done by Adam and Eve, according to the Quran, has already been forgiven and that is why there is no original sin. Whenever we fall, we have to remind ourselves that we must resist these evil promptings. As human beings, we are both material and spirit and we have the capability to be good or bad.

The angels are prompting us towards good. Without the Jinn, Satan or evil creatures in particular, because not all Jinn are bad, we would not be tested, we would not have any challenge.

what are jinns scared of

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